提供給消費者一個服務至上、友善、乾淨的空間和令人動心的美式風格氣氛。店面的設計和空間規劃,都是採用最新的電腦技術,結合美國的三個代表色---- 紅、白、藍,經過不斷研究、試驗和改良而成。我們不僅選擇最好而且有效率的設備,大部分設備也都經過特別設計,來符合我們的特殊要求。我們所聘請的店面設計師,



offers their customers a superior service in a friendly, clean and inviting American atmosphere. Store designs and layouts are developed using the latest computer technology combined with our national colors of red, white and blue.The layouts are developed after constant refinement and research. We select the best available equipment, much of which is especially designed to our specifications and requirements. This ensures a professional base on which to make the best products. Qualified and experienced shop fitter are used to construct and refurbish all of our stores.








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